The required paper work...

To use the range as a non-member, there is a little paperwork to fill out.  Its our "waiver from hell".  It takes a minute to fill out and is for the best.  I have posted the "Non-Member Info Sheet" and "Public Range Rules" below for everyone to be able to take a minute to read over before coming to the range.  Most public range users are really eager to get out on the range and spend very little time on this form.  I have also explained each of the Public Range Rules so there should be no misunderstanding about what we require for safe gunhandling.

Non-Member Info Sheet

______________________       ___/___/___     ________________
NAME                                                                           DATE OF BIRTH         DRIVER



 ____________________________  _____     ________________        ______________________
CITY                                                         STATE       ZIP                                      PHONE#

_________________________   ____________________________    _________________________
IN CASE OF EMERGENCY CONTACT           RELATIONSHIP                             PHONE #

___________________________________      __________________________________________
HOSPITAL OF CHOICE                                               EMAIL ADDRESS FOR NEWSLETTER                                                                                                                                                         

1. Do you have any current medical conditions medical personnel need to know about?
( epileptic, heart condition, allergic to bee stings, etc.)                                                                                                                                                   Yes            No
What, if any?________________________________________________________

2. Are you taking any medication medical personnel should know about?                
What, if any?___________________________________                                                                                                                                              Yes            No

3. Have you ever been convicted of a crime of violence or are you prohibited by law from possessing a firearm?                                                        Yes            No Details (if yes)_______________________________________________________

4.   Do you hold a current valid pistol permit or are you able to obtain a pistol permit?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Yes            No

 The above information is voluntary.  Failure to disclose or failure to possess a valid pistol permit may result in denial or exclusion from using this facility.


Non-member use of the F.O.P. Range Inc. facility is restricted to the Public Range, located beside the Office.  Use of the rest of the facility is reserved for members and prohibited for non-members.   Non-member=s range use will be monitored for safe use of firearms and adherence to the Range Safety Rules.  Non-members must wear the non-member range badge while on the F.O.P. Range Inc. facility.  Non-members under the age of 21 must be supervised by a parent or guardian while using the range.  Failure to obey the Range Rules or using a prohibited area for target shooting will result in an early end to your shooting for the day.  Repeated violations will result in permanent prohibition from use of the range and a trespass warning.  We must maintain a safe shooting environment for all to enjoy.


It has been explained to me and I fully understand the fact that the use of, discharge of, or being in the vicinity of firearms is potentially dangerous, and may result in me being injured, seriously injured, or killed and having this information in mind, I fully accept the risk of coming onto and remaining on F.O.P. Range Inc. property.  I agree to release and hold harmless from all actions, torts, lawsuits, etc., F.O.P. Rang Inc., its officers, owners, agents, employees, range officers, and the FOP Lodge 58.   I fully accept and fully understand the above terms as a member, visitor, guest, spectator, student, or any other capacity that I may be present on F.O.P. Range Inc. property.

 ___________________________ ________________________     ____/____/____   ____:____             
SIGNED                                                  PRINTED                                                       DATE               TIME

On the back side of the Non-Member Info Sheet, we have the public range safety rules written out...


1.               Always obey all commands given by the Range Officer.
2.              Wearing eye protection is mandatory.
              No loaded firearms are allowed anywhere but on the range firing line. 
4.              The range will operate hot for 20 min., cold 10 min., hot 20 min., cold 10 min. every hour.
              When range is hot, no one may proceed downrange, forward of the firing line.
              Watch the STOP LIGHT at the right side of the firing line.   When the light is RED, STOP SHOOTING, unload your gun and open the action.  No weapon handling is allowed while the range is cold.  Bench your gun and wait until light is GREEN before handling your gun again.
              Load your firearm only at the firing line while keeping it pointed downrange.
              Never turn around or face in an unsafe direction (up-range) with a loaded firearm.
              Keep you firearm pointed downrange at all times.  Never allow your gun to point at another person.
10.           Do not put your finger on the trigger until your sights are on your target and you are ready to fire.
11.            A rate of fire faster than 1 round per second will end your day at the range.  No un-aimed fire allowed.
12.           Every round you fire must strike the berm downrange.  If your rounds leave the range, so do you!
           Clean up.  Pick up your brass and put it in the brass buckets.  Dispose of your used targets in the garbage.
14.           Put away any range equipment you got out or used.  Return any borrowed range equipment to the office before you leave.
           Do not throw or leave any garbage on the ground.  This includes cigarette butts, cleaning patches, etc.
           Keep children supervised and under control at all times.  Stay within arms reach of your child.
17.           Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.  Alcohol and guns never mix.  Anyone we suspect has been drinking will be escorted from the property and into the hands of the Pleasant Grove Police Dept.
18.           Always treat every firearm as if it were loaded and could fire.   Never point any firearm at another person.  Respect the potential damage a firearm can do to a human.
           Always check the condition of any firearm you handle to be sure of its loaded or unloaded condition.

I have read and fully understand the above Range Safety Rules.  I will follow the above Range Safety Rules at all times.  I understand that if I perform any unsafe act or break any of the Range Safety Rules, I will be removed from the range and may not be allowed to return.

 ______________________ ________________      ____/____/____
SIGNED                                          PRINTED                                DATE