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FOP Range Inc Web Site

     Welcome to the new and improved range web site.  From here, you can learn more about the facility, its fees and amenities, shop for guns in the online gun store, check the calendar for upcoming events, learn more about self defense tactics and keep up with the ongoing impovements to the facility.

     The F.O.P. Range is the nicest family oriented shooting range around.  The F.O.P. Range is located just outside Birmingham, Alabama, in Pleasant Grove.  The Range facility has eight outdoor ranges, each with a covered shooter's area up-range to permit year-round use in all weather.  It is located about 15 minutes from the I-59/65 interchange, making it a short drive from anywhere in Birmingham. 


Range Membership Announcement!

We have found it necessary to open up 100 additional membership opportunities to the facility in an effort to make ends meet here. With this membership availability, we are making the following sale on the new memberships.
A single membership gives you 7 day a week access to the facility and you may bring guests for only $10 each. The single membership if paid ann...ually is $175 or $15 per month and a Family membership that lets you, your spouse and kids shoot here is $225 annually or $20 per month. Each normally has a one time $50 initiation fee to get your membership started.

As part of this offering, we are waiving the $50 fee for memberships purchased on the annual basis. New monthly paid membership will still incur the normal $50 fee.

The facility has restricted memberships in an effort to limit the number of shooters at the range at any one time, controlling crowding. We currently host 600 single or full memberships, 120 limited memberships with weekday only access, and about 2 dozen lifetime memberships. On a nice Saturday, we see 30 to 40 shooters. Increasing the membership will only add a few more per day on average. We can handle it. Everything in this world costs more than ever and as such our operating expenses have steadily increased. The prices for membership are fair and what the market will bear.

Now is a really good time to get in. No waiting list. No extra costs of joining. Its as easy as we can make it to get a great place for you, your family and friends to have to enjoy your firearms. Call us at 744-2600 if you need more info.

New!! Daily Range Specials!!!
    Public Range Specials

Monday Free Kids Day!  No range fee for kids under 21 with one paid adult.
Tuesday Cheap Ammo Day!  All ammo for sale at 20% off the Range's already low prices.
Wednesday Lady's Day!  Any and all of the female persuasion use the Public Range for free.
Thursday Senior Citizen Day!  All old farts 60 and older use the Public Range for only $5.00 each. 
Friday Civil Service Day!  Military, Police, and Firemen, active or retired, use the Public Range for 1/2 price.
Saturday Free Target Day!  One free target per person.
Sunday Free Gun Rental Day!  Buy a box of ammo from the range and get the gun to use to shoot it for free.

Range Member's Specials

Monday Free Guest Day!  No range fee for any guests you want to bring, no limit on numbers, bring 'em.
Tuesday Cheap Ammo Day!  All ammo for sale at 20% off the Range's already low prices.
Wednesday Lady's Day!  Guest fees waived for any and all guests of the female persuasion.
Thursday Senior Citizen Day!  Guest fees waived for old farts 60 and older.
Friday Civil Service Day!  Guest fees waived for Military, Police, and Firemen, active or retired.
Saturday Free Target Day!  One free target per person.
Sunday Free Gun Rental Day!  Buy a box of ammo from the range and get the gun to use to shoot it for free.

Open to the Public!!!
    Yes, we have a great place for you to safely enjoy your firearms with your friends and family.  The big range beside the office is a "Public" range that is open to the general public for a small daily fee ($20 adults and $10 kids).  It is staffed by friendly Range Officers who will ensure the range is safely run.  The rest of the facility (the other 7 ranges) is a members only use area.  The only requirements for range use or membership are that you legally possess the firearms you are shooting and you are safe while you are here.

Is this going to be your first trip to the Range?
     Check out the First Range Trip page for tips and instructions what to expect when you get here and how to get the most out of your day at the range.  Please take a few minutes to review the Public Range Safety Rules posted there. 

Gun Rentals Available!!
     About 1 out of 10 calls I get here asks me if we rent guns.  We have got several for you to choose from.  The rental fee is normally $10. For a limited time, gun rentals are free with purchase of ammo here at the range.  Yep, FREE.  Wanna shoot but ain't got a gun yet?  Come on out to the range anyway and use a one of ours.  We'll even clean it when you're done.  We have handguns from .22LR to 45ACP ready to go. 

Gun Transfer Service:
    The Range has a Class 1 FFL making us a licensed gun dealer.  Years ago we offered to handle transfers for members who bought guns online and needed a dealer to handle the transfer.  We now offer this service to everyone.  There is a reasonable fee; Only $25 for members and $40 for nonmembers.  This is the lowest rates in the Birmingham area.  Bid on and win any gun on Gunbroker or GunsAmerica.  Order from BudsGuns or anywhere else and have your gun shipped here.  We will send the seller a copy of our FFL.  Fill out the 4473 form when it gets here, pay the fee per gun and it is yours.  Even take it for a spin on the range to make sure it works right.  Call the range if you have questions.


Online Gun Store Open for Business!!!
     The F.O.P. Range Inc. has partnered with Davidson's Gallery of Guns to provide you with a powerful shopping tool and really good deals on the firearms you want.  Take a look at the Online Gun Store page for details.  All guns are priced at only 10% over dealer cost with 1000's to choose from.  This is a cool place to see what all guns should cost.  Guns are shipped to the range where we handle the transfer to you.   It is super easy to get the gun you want at the best price in town.

Class 3 allowed here...
The FOP Range Inc facility is one of the few ranges that allows class 3 full auto weapons to be fired on it.  We have a history of strong support for class 3 ownership and enjoyment.  In 1996 and 1997, the NFA Subgun Nationals were held here with more than 100 competitors from around the country and world participating. 

However, due to the letigious society we find ourselves in, we have had to place a few reasonable restrictions to class 3 use to ensure a long, safe future for the facililty.  See the Class 3 page for more info.


We survived the 4-27-11 tornado!!!

The tornado hit the edge of the range by the rifle range.  Over 100 trees were down.  Outbuildings and covered areas on the range were crushed by falling trees.  The office had its windows blown out and now has a few cracks in the walls but is still servicable. 

We reopened when the City of Pleasant Grove removed the checkpoints keeping non-residents out of the area.  We were without power for 5 days, without internet for 10 days and had no phone service for 15 days.  There is still weeks of work to be done to get the facility back to pre-storm condition but I am making progress every day.  See the tornado damage page for pics and more info...

We still get a few calls every day asking us if we are open.  I don't know who started the rumor that the tornado did us in but we are here.  The facility looks better than before the storm.  The damage gave us an opportunity (and stimulus) to do some much needed range improvements.  It is ready for use by members and the public.  Come on out and enjoy your guns with your family and friends here.